Localization of functional projections from corpus callosum to cerebral cortex.

  title={Localization of functional projections from corpus callosum to cerebral cortex.},
  author={Y L Tan and B H Chen and Jung Duk Yang and Jing Zhang and Yeou Chih Wang and Sen H. Chai and Zhen-tao Wang and Qiyi Li},
  journal={Chinese medical journal},
  volume={104 10},
In 30 patients with intractable generalized epilepsy treated with cerebral commissurotomy, the corpus callosum was stimulated intraoperatively at a 1 cm interval with electric current, and evoked potentials (EPs) were recorded from different areas of the brain for determining the distribution patterns of functional projections from the corpus callosum to the cerebral cortex. The surface of the corpus callosum in man was 12 cm long and it was divided into 12 segments (1 cm each). Stimulation of… CONTINUE READING
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