Localization of dislocation creep in the lower mantle : implications for the origin of seismic anisotropy

  title={Localization of dislocation creep in the lower mantle : implications for the origin of seismic anisotropy},
  author={Allen Mcnamara and Shun-ichiro Karato and Peter Van Keken},
Recent seismological observations reveal the presence of seismic anisotropy in localized regions at the base of the mantle within an otherwise isotropic lower mantle. These regions can be placed in a tectonic context, corresponding to locations of paleosubduction and plume upwelling. This project works toward determining whether the observed seismic anisotropy may be explained by the development of a mineral fabric by lattice-preferred orientation (LPO). Numerical modeling is used to explore… CONTINUE READING
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