Localization of directed polymers in continuous space

  title={Localization of directed polymers in continuous space},
  author={Yuri Bakhtin and Donghyun Seo},
  journal={Electronic Journal of Probability},
The first main goal of this article is to give a new metrization of the Mukherjee--Varadhan topology, recently introduced as a translation-invariant compactification of the space of probability measures on Euclidean spaces. This new metrization allows us to achieve our second goal which is to extend the recent program of Bates and Chatterjee on localization for the endpoint distribution of discrete directed polymers to polymers based on general random walks in Euclidean spaces. Following their… 
Dynamic polymers: invariant measures and ordering by noise
We develop a dynamical approach to infinite volume directed polymer measures in random environments. We define polymer dynamics in 1+1 dimension as a stochastic gradient flow on polymers pinned at
Full-path localization of directed polymers
Certain polymer models are known to exhibit path localization in the sense that at low temperatures, the average fractional overlap of two independent samples from the Gibbs measure is bounded away
Short and long-time path tightness of the continuum directed random polymer
. We consider the point-to-point continuum directed random polymer ( CDRP ) model that arises as a scaling limit from 1 + 1 dimensional directed polymers in the intermediate disorder regime. We show
High Temperature Behaviors of the Directed Polymer on a Cylinder
In this paper, we study the free energy of the directed polymer on a cylinder of radius L with the inverse temperature $$\beta $$ β . Assuming the random environment is given by a Gaussian process
Empirical distributions, geodesic lengths, and a variational formula in first-passage percolation.
This article resolves, in a dense set of cases, several open problems concerning geodesics in i.i.d. first-passage percolation on $\mathbb{Z}^d$. Our primary interest is in the empirical measures of
Localization and free energy asymptotics in disordered statistical mechanics and random growth models
This dissertation develops techniques for analyzing infinite-volume asymptotics in the statistical mechanical setting, and focuses on the low-temperature phases of spin glasses and directed polymers, wherein the ensembles exhibit localization which is physically phenomenological.
Localization at the boundary for conditioned random walks in random environment in dimensions two and higher
  • R. Bazaes
  • Mathematics
    Electronic Communications in Probability
  • 2021
We introduce the notion of \emph{localization at the boundary} for conditioned random walks in i.i.d. and uniformly elliptic random environment on $\mathbb{Z}^d$, in dimensions two and higher.
On end-point distribution for directed polymers and related problems for randomly forced Burgers equation
In this paper, we study several problems related to the theory of randomly forced Burgers equation. Our numerical analysis indicates that despite the localization effects the quenched variance of the
Gaussian fluctuations of replica overlap in directed polymers
. In this short note, we prove a central limit theorem for a type of replica overlap of the Brownian directed polymer in a Gaussian random environment, in the low temperature regime and in all
Fluctuation Exponents of the KPZ equation on a large torus
. We study the one-dimensional KPZ equation on a large torus, started at equilibrium. The main results are optimal variance bounds in the super-relaxation regime and part of the relaxation regime.


The endpoint distribution of directed polymers
Probabilistic models of directed polymers in random environment have received considerable attention in recent years. Much of this attention has focused on integrable models. In this paper, we
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Directed polymers in random environment have usually been constructed with a simple random walk on the integer lattice. It has been observed before that several standard results for this model
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We consider directed polymers in a random potential given by a deterministic profile with a strong maximum at the origin taken with random sign at each integer time. We study two main objects based
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We consider directed polymers in random environment. Under some mild assumptions on the environment, we prove here: (i) equivalence between the decay rate of the partition function and some natural
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Consider the directed polymer in one space dimension in log-gamma environment with boundary conditions, introduced by Seppäläinen (Ann Probab, 40(1):19–73, 2012). In the equilibrium case, we prove
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Brownian motion is a continuum scaling limit for a wide class of random processes, and there has been great success in developing a theory for its properties (such as distribution functions or
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In this paper, we discuss possible qualitative approaches to the problem of KPZ universality. Throughout the paper, our point of view is based on the geometrical and dynamical properties of
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In the low-dimensional cases, it is proved that for all, the renormalized partition function converges to 0 and the correlation of two independent configurations does not converge to 0.
Scaling for a one-dimensional directed polymer with boundary conditions
We study a 1 + 1-dimensional directed polymer in a random environment on the integer lattice with log-gamma distributed weights and both endpoints of the path fixed. Among directed polymers this