Localization of correlated fermions in optical lattices with speckle disorder

  title={Localization of correlated fermions in optical lattices with speckle disorder},
  author={D Semmler and Julia Wernsdorfer and Ulf Bissbort and Krzysztof Byczuk and Walter Hofstetter},
  • D Semmler, Julia Wernsdorfer, +2 authors Walter Hofstetter
  • Published 2010
  • Physics
  • Strongly correlated fermions in three- and two-dimensional optical lattices with experimentally realistic speckle disorder are investigated. We extend and apply the statistical dynamical mean-field theory, which treats local correlations non-perturbatively, to incorporate on-site and hopping-type randomness on equal footing. Localization due to disorder is detected via the probability distribution function of the local density of states. We obtain a complete paramagnetic ground state phase… CONTINUE READING

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