Localization of an occult insulinoma by intraoperative ultrasonography.

  title={Localization of an occult insulinoma by intraoperative ultrasonography.},
  author={Jeffrey A. Norton and Bernard Sigel and Alan R. Baker and Stephen E. Ettinghausen and Thomas H. Shawker and A G Krudy and John L. Doppman and Simeon I Taylor and Paul Gordon},
  volume={97 3},
Intraoperative ultrasonography has not been used previously to locate an insulinoma that was not surgically palpable or that could not be seen by selective arteriography. In this report we described a patient with an insulinoma localized to the pancreatic head identified by transhepatic portal venous sampling but not by selective arteriography or palpation. At operation intraoperative ultrasonography demonstrated an 8 mm tumor in the pancreatic head and guided the successful enucleation. 

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