Localization of Usher syndrome type II to chromosome 1q.

  title={Localization of Usher syndrome type II to chromosome 1q.},
  author={William J. Kimberling and Michael D. Weston and C G M{\"o}ller and Sandra L. H. Davenport and Yin Yao Shugart and I A Priluck and Alessandro Martini and Micaela Milani and Richard J. H. Smith},
  volume={7 2},
Usher syndrome is characterized by congenital hearing loss, progressive visual impairment due to retinitis pigmentosa, and variable vestibular problems. The two subtypes of Usher syndrome, types I and II, can be distinguished by the degree of hearing loss and by the presence or absence of vestibular dysfunction. Type I is characterized by a profound hearing loss and totally absent vestibular responses, while type II has a milder hearing loss and normal vestibular function. Fifty-five members of… CONTINUE READING