Localization of NBC1 variants in rat kidney.

  title={Localization of NBC1 variants in rat kidney.},
  author={Yoko Endo and Satoru Yamazaki and Nobuo Moriyama and Yuehong Li and Takashi Ariizumi and Akihiko Kudo and Hayato Kawakami and Yoshinori Tanaka and Shoko Horita and Hideomi Yamada and George Seki and Toshiro Fujita},
  journal={Nephron. Physiology},
  volume={104 2},
Na+-HCO3- cotransporter (NBC1) plays a major role in bicarbonate reabsorption from proximal tubules. In a previous immunohistochemical study on human kidney, we showed that the kidney-type transporter (kNBC1) was abundantly expressed in the basolateral membranes of proximal tubules while the expression of pancreatic-type transporter (pNBC1) was undetectable. In the present study we tried to determine the localization of NBC1 variants in rat kidney using the antibodies against the unique N… CONTINUE READING

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