Localization of 28 kDa calbindin in human odontoblasts

  title={Localization of 28 kDa calbindin in human odontoblasts},
  author={Prof. H. Magloire and Annick Joffre and Jean Az{\'e}rad and D. Eric M. Lawson},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Research},
The presence of 28 kDa calbindin in human odontoblasts was studied by use of specific antibodies raised against chick duodenal 28 kDa calbindin, in immunofluorescence, immuno-peroxidase, and electron-microscopic labelling experiments. The calbindin-like protein was detected mainly in the cytoplasm of odontoblast cell bodies, in their processes and occasionally in their nuclei. Correspondingly, at the ultrastructural level, immunoreactive material was associated with the cytosol, microfilaments… CONTINUE READING