Localization for an Anderson-Bernoulli model with generic interaction potential

  title={Localization for an Anderson-Bernoulli model with generic interaction potential},
  author={Hakim Boumaza},
We present a result of localization for a matrix-valued AndersonBernoulli operator, acting on L2(R) ⊗ R , for an arbitrary N ≥ 1, whose interaction potential is generic in the real symmetric matrices. For such a generic real symmetric matrix, we construct an explicit interval of energies on which we prove localization, in both spectral and dynamical senses, away from a finite set of critical energies. This construction is based upon the formalism of the Fürstenberg group to which we apply a… CONTINUE READING

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On localization in the continuous Anderson-Bernoulli model in higher dimension

  • J. Bourgain, C. E. Kenig
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