Localization and mass spectra of various matter fields on Weyl thin brane

  title={Localization and mass spectra of various matter fields on Weyl thin brane},
  author={Taotao Sui and Li Zhao and Yu-Peng Zhang and Qun-Ying Xie},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
It has been shown that the thin brane model in a five-dimensional Weyl gravity can deal with the wrong-signed Friedmann-like equation in the Randall–Sundrum-1 (RS1) model. In the Weyl brane model, there are also two branes with opposite brane tensions, but the four-dimensional graviton (the gravity zero mode) is localized near the negative tension brane, while our four-dimensional universe is localized on the positive tension brane. In this paper, we consider the mass spectra of various bulk… 

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