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Localization and delocalization properties in quasi-periodically perturbed kicked Harper and Harper models

  title={Localization and delocalization properties in quasi-periodically perturbed kicked Harper and Harper models},
  author={Hiroaki S. Yamada and Kensuke S. Ikeda},
  • Hiroaki S. Yamada, Kensuke S. Ikeda
  • Published 2021
  • Physics
We numerically study the single particle localization and delocalization phenomena of an initially localized wave packet in the kicked Harper model (KHM) and Harper model subjected to quasiperiodic perturbation composed of M−modes. Both models are localized in the monochromatically perturbed case M = 1. KHM shows localization-delocalization transition (LDT) above M ≥ 2 as increase of the perturbation strength ǫ. In a time-continuous Harper model with the perturbation, it is confirmed that the… Expand


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