Locality-Aware Mapping of Nested Parallel Patterns on GPUs

  title={Locality-Aware Mapping of Nested Parallel Patterns on GPUs},
  author={HyoukJoong Lee and Kevin J. Brown and Arvind K. Sujeeth and Tiark Rompf and Kunle Olukotun},
  journal={2014 47th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture},
Recent work has explored using higher level languages to improve programmer productivity on GPUs. These languages often utilize high level computation patterns (e.g., Map and Reduce) that encode parallel semantics to enable automatic compilation to GPU kernels. However, the problem of efficiently mapping patterns to GPU hardware becomes significantly more difficult when the patterns are nested, which is common in non-trivial applications. To address this issue, we present a general analysis… CONTINUE READING
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