Localised remobilization of metals in a marine sediment.

  title={Localised remobilization of metals in a marine sediment.},
  author={Hao H. Zhang and William Davison and Robert John George Mortimer and Michael D. Krom and Peter John Hayes and Ian M. Davies},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},
  volume={296 1-3},
Trace metals and Fe and Mn were measured at vertical spatial resolutions of 2.5 and 5 mm in the top 35 cm of the profundal sediment of a Scottish sea-loch using DGT (diffusive gradients in thin films) technique. DGT probes lower adjacent metal concentrations in pore waters and induce a flux of metal from the solid phase to porewater. The concentrations of metals in porewaters at the interface of the probe were measured during its deployment in a box core. These measurements reflect porewater… CONTINUE READING