Localisation of endocrine-related tumours with radioiodinated analogue of somatostatin.

  title={Localisation of endocrine-related tumours with radioiodinated analogue of somatostatin.},
  author={Eric P. Krenning and Willem H. Bakker and Wouter A. P. Breeman and Jan Willem Koper and Peter P. M. Kooij and L Ausema and J. S. Lameris and Jean Claude Reubi and Steven W. J. Lamberts},
  volume={1 8632},
Various endocrine-related tumours contain large numbers of high-affinity somatostatin receptors. 123I-labelled tyr-3-octreotide (tyr-3-SMS 201-995, a synthetic derivative of somatostatin) was used to localise such tumours in vivo with a gamma-camera. Positive scans were obtained for two meningiomas, two gastrinomas, and one carcinoid; negative scans were obtained for one insulinoma (in which unlabelled octreotide had no effect on insulin levels), one phaeochromocytoma, one adrenal carcinoma… CONTINUE READING


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