Local well-posedness for the Zakharov system in dimension d ≤ 3

  title={Local well-posedness for the Zakharov system in dimension d ≤ 3},
  author={Akansha Sanwal},
  journal={Discrete \& Continuous Dynamical Systems},
  • A. Sanwal
  • Published 16 March 2021
  • Mathematics
  • Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems
<p style='text-indent:20px;'>The Zakharov system in dimension <inline-formula><tex-math id="M1">\begin{document}$ d\leqslant 3 $\end{document}</tex-math></inline-formula> is shown to be locally well-posed in Sobolev spaces <inline-formula><tex-math id="M2">\begin{document}$ H^s \times H^l $\end{document}</tex-math></inline-formula>, extending the previously known result. We construct new solution spaces by modifying the <inline-formula><tex-math id="M3">\begin{document}$ X^{s,b} $\end{document… 
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