Local watermarks based on Krawtchouk moments

  title={Local watermarks based on Krawtchouk moments},
  author={P.-T. Yap and Raveendran Paramesran},
  journal={2004 IEEE Region 10 Conference TENCON 2004.},
  pages={73-76 Vol. 2}
This paper proposes a new image watermarking scheme using the set of Krawtchouk moments. The watermark is constructed as an independent identically distributed (i.i.d.) Gaussian random vector that is imperceptibly inserted in a spread-spectrum-like fashion into the perceptually significant Krawtchouk moments of the image. Interestingly, watermarks based on Krawtchouk moments are local, that is, the watermark affects only a selected portion of the image, the position of which can be decided by… CONTINUE READING

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