Local uses of kapok (Ceiba pentandra Gaertn.) Tree from the Northern Part of Cameroon

  title={Local uses of kapok (Ceiba pentandra Gaertn.) Tree from the Northern Part of Cameroon},
  author={Gilles Bernard Nkouam and Giscard Adjoh and Carine Bertille Tchankou Leudeu and Christiant Kouebou and Clerg{\'e} Tchi{\'e}gang and C{\'e}sar Kapseu},
  journal={International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology},
An investigation was carried out in the Adamawa, North and Far-North Regions, in order to gather information about the actual uses of Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. a fruit tree widely domesticated by the population in this part of Cameroon. Data were collected from a sample of 300 persons from different localities of these regions. The results showed that almost all parts of Ceiba are used in curing many diseases such as sexually transmitted illnesses (syphilis, gonococci), fever and skin or eyes… 
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