Local solutions to a free boundary problem for the Willmore functional

  title={Local solutions to a free boundary problem for the Willmore functional},
  author={R. Alessandroni and E. Kuwert},
  journal={Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations},
We consider a free boundary problem for the Willmore functional $$\mathcal{W}(f) = \frac{1}{4} \int _\Sigma H^2\,d\mu _f$$W(f)=14∫ΣH2dμf. Given a smooth bounded domain $$\Omega \subset {\mathbb R}^3$$Ω⊂R3, we construct Willmore disks which are critical in the class of surfaces meeting $$\partial \Omega $$∂Ω at a right angle along their boundary and having small prescribed area. Using rescaling and the implicit function theorem, we first obtain constrained solutions with prescribed barycenter on… Expand
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