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Local properties of the random Delaunay triangulation model and topological 2D gravity

  title={Local properties of the random Delaunay triangulation model and topological 2D gravity},
  author={S'everin Charbonnier and Franccois David and Bertrand Eynard},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
Delaunay triangulations provide a bijection between a set of $N+3$ points in the complex plane, and the set of triangulations with given circumcircle intersection angles. The uniform Lebesgue measure on these angles translates into a K\"ahler measure for Delaunay triangulations, or equivalently on the moduli space $\mathcal M_{0,N+3}$ of genus zero Riemann surfaces with $N+3$ marked points. We study the properties of this measure. First we relate it to the topological Weil-Petersson symplectic… 
Irreducible Metric Maps and Weil–Petersson Volumes
  • T. Budd
  • Art
    Communications in Mathematical Physics
  • 2022
<jats:p>We consider maps on a surface of genus <jats:italic>g</jats:italic> with all vertices of degree at least three and positive real lengths assigned to the edges. In particular, we study the
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This thesis explore several aspects of random maps through the study of three models. First, we examine the properties of a measure defined on the set of planar Delaunay triangulations with n


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