[Local ocular immunity parameters in chronic rhino- or odontogenic infection].


Thirty-four patients with foci of chronic rhino- or odontogenic infection were examined. All the patients underwent physical examination, biochemical blood analysis, immunological test for immunoglobulins A, G, and M, circulating immune complexes, leukocyte migration inhibition test with phytohemagglutinin, Con A, with antigens of the retina, vitreous body, iris, and lens, scrapes from the dentogingival pocket, conjunctival and nasal cavities for Chlamydia, followed by direct immunofluorescence, polymerase chain reaction, and culture. Chronic rhino- or odontogenic infection foci impair local ocular immunity in ophthalmologically healthy patients. The foci of chronic rhinogenic infection cause more pronounced changes in systemic and local ocular immunity than those of chronic odontogenic infection. In half the patients with chronic rhino- or odontogenic infection foci, Chlamydia are detectable in the oral, nasal, and ocular mucosae, which suggests that there is generalized infection and there is a need for complex sanitation of the body. Isolated local treatment for Chlamydia infection is not promising.

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