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Local mantles of $L[x]$

  title={Local mantles of \$L[x]\$},
  author={Farmer Schlutzenberg},
Assume ZFC. Let κ be a cardinal. Recall that a < κ-ground is a transitive proper class W modelling ZFC such that V is a generic extension of W via a forcing P ∈ W of cardinality < κ, and the κ-mantle Mκ is the intersection of all < κ-grounds. Assume there is a Woodin cardinal and a proper class of measurables, and let x be a real of sufficiently high Turing degree. Let κ be a limit cardinal of L[x] of uncountable cofinality in L[x]. Using methods from Woodin’s analysis of HOD, we analyze M L[x… Expand


Set-theoretic geology
This theorem is proved while also controlling the HOD of the final model, as well as the generic HOD, which is the intersection of all HODs of all set-forcing extensions of V. Expand
The downward directed grounds hypothesis and very large cardinals
It is shown that if the universe has some very large cardinal, then the mantle must be a ground, and some fundamental theorems on the forcing method and the set-theoretic geology are established. Expand
A Long Pseudo-Comparison of Premice in L[x]
An obstacle to the analysis of HOD as a core model is described: Assuming sufficient large cardinals, for a Turing cone of reals $x$ there are premice M,N in HOD such that the pseudo-comparison of L[M] with L[N] succeeds, is computed in L[x], and lasts through $\omega_1^{L[x]$ stages. Expand
The main result here is that if there is an inner model with a Woodin cardinal, then the solid core of a model of set theory is a fine-structural extender model. Expand
A premouse inheriting strong cardinals from V
It is proved that a slight weakening of $(k+1)$-condensation follows from $(k,\omega_1 +1)-iterability in place of ($k, \omega-1,\omg1-1) -iterability) and that full $(k-2)-condensing follows from ($k-3)-solidity; these facts are needed in the proofs of the results above. Expand
An Outline of Inner Model Theory
This paper outlines the basic theory of canonical inner models satisfying large cardinal hypotheses. It begins with the definition of the models, and their fine structural analysis modulo iterabilityExpand
Generalizations of the Kunen inconsistency
We present several generalizations of the well-known Kunen inconsistency that there is no nontrivial elementary embedding from the set-theoretic universe V to itself. For example, there is noExpand
From set theoretic to inner model theoretic geology∗†
In the 1970ies, Lev Bukovský proved a beautiful criterion for when V is a generic extension of a given inner model W , see [1] and [2]. Bukovský’s theorem recently served as a very useful tool in setExpand
Varsovian models II
Assume the existence of sufficent large cardinals. Let $M_{\mathrm{sw}n}$ be the minimal iterable proper class $L[E]$ model satisfying"there are $\delta_0<\kappa_0<\ldots<\delta_{n-1}<\kappa_{n-1}$Expand
Iterability for (transfinite) stacks
A natural condensation property for iteration strategies, \emph{inflation condensation}, is defined and it is shown that if $\Sigma$ has inflation condensation then $M$ is $(m,\Omega, \Omega+1)^*$-iterable. Expand