Local expression of B7-H1 promotes organ-specific autoimmunity and transplant rejection.

  title={Local expression of B7-H1 promotes organ-specific autoimmunity and transplant rejection.},
  author={Sumit K Subudhi and Ping Zhou and Lisa M. Yerian and Robert K. Chin and James C. Lo and Robert Albert Anders and Yonglian Sun and Lieping Chen and Yang Wang and M. D. Alegre and Yang-Xin Fu},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={113 5},
A number of studies have suggested B7-H1, a B7 family member, inhibits T cell responses. Therefore, its expression on nonlymphoid tissues has been proposed to prevent T cell-mediated tissue destruction. To test this hypothesis, we generated transgenic mice that expressed B7-H1 on pancreatic islet beta cells. Surprisingly, we observed accelerated rejection of transplanted allogeneic B7-H1-expressing islet beta cells. Furthermore, transgenic B7-H1 expression broke immune tolerance, as some of the… CONTINUE READING


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