Local envy-freeness in house allocation problems

  title={Local envy-freeness in house allocation problems},
  author={Aur{\'e}lie Beynier and Yann Chevaleyre and Laurent Gourv{\`e}s and Ararat Harutyunyan and Julien Lesca and Nicolas Maudet and Ana{\"e}lle Wilczynski},
  journal={Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems},
We study the fair division problem consisting in allocating one item per agent so as to avoid (or minimize) envy, in a setting where only agents connected in a given network may experience envy. In a variant of the problem, agents themselves can be located on the network by the central authority. These problems turn out to be difficult even on very simple graph structures, but we identify several tractable cases. We further provide practical algorithms and experimental insights. 


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