Local economic impacts of dragon tourism in Indonesia.

  title={Local economic impacts of dragon tourism in Indonesia.},
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Tourism development and conservation, do local resident attitudes matter?

  • Raymond Rastegar
  • Environmental Science, Geography
    International Journal of Tourism Sciences
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Many remote communities particularly in developing countries have been targeted for development using a tourism approach. Many of these communities are living in poverty in biodiversity-rich

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It is often argued that leakage of tourism revenue results in minimal economic benefits for host communities, particularly in rural areas of developing countries. However, leakage studies often

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Drivers and Socioeconomic Impacts of Tourism Participation in Protected Areas

Investigating the diverse benefits that local households received from recent development of nature-based tourism in Wolong Nature Reserve, China found that residents in households participating in tourism tended to perceive more non-financial benefits in addition to more negative environmental impacts of tourism compared with households not participating in Tourism.



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