Local color distribution projection filtering using a homogeneous coordinate system


In this paper, we present a denoising method of using multiple image composition based on the color transform of local color distribution of patches. In the method, the color of a guidance image is transformed so as to get close to a noisy input image by a patch-wise color transform. As a result, a noiseless image is obtained. Actually this method can be regarded as the generalized version of our previous method [1] and the guided filter [2], and gives improved images with more clear appearance. The existing methods have a restriction that a filter output form is expressed only by a linear transform, i.e., a first order polynomial. In this paper, we introduce a more general formula for this category of filtering with the guidance image. We deal with a quadratic formula for realizing more flexible transform instead of the previous linear transform, and moreover introduce more simple and flexible regularization.

DOI: 10.1109/ICIP.2013.6738469

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