Local characterization of austenite and ferrite phases in duplex stainless steel using MFM and nanoindentation

  title={Local characterization of austenite and ferrite phases in duplex stainless steel using MFM and nanoindentation},
  author={Karim R. Gadelrab and Guang Li and Matteo Chiesa and Tewfik Souier},
  journal={Journal of Materials Research},
The local mechanical properties of ferritic and austenitic domains in a duplex stainless steel are locally studied by nanoindentation. The elastic and plastic properties of the two phases are determined. Without any specific surface treatment (chemical or electrochemical), the austenitic and ferritic domains present in the duplex stainless steel are distinguished using magnetic force microscopy. The magnetic scans allow nanoindentation results to be assigned to the respective phase, yielding… 

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Effect of the Temperature in the Mechanical Properties of Austenite, Ferrite and Sigma Phases of Duplex Stainless Steels Using Hardness, Microhardness and Nanoindentation Techniques

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