Local anesthetics improve dermal perfusion after burn injury.

  title={Local anesthetics improve dermal perfusion after burn injury.},
  author={Anders J{\"o}nsson and B T Brofeldt and Per Nellg{\aa}rd and Peter E. W. Tarnow and Jean Cassuto},
  journal={The Journal of burn care & rehabilitation},
  volume={19 1 Pt 1},
Deep partial-thickness burn injury was induced in the abdominal skin of anesthetized rats. Dermal perfusion was assessed by laser Doppler flowmetry. In the first set of experiments, one group of rats (n = 15) was topically treated with a lidocaine-prilocaine cream 5% (25 mg of each in 1 g) for 6 hours, starting 5 minutes after inducing the burn injury. In one control group (n = 14), the thermal injury was treated with placebo cream. Results showed a markedly reduced perfusion in the skin of the… CONTINUE READING

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