Local and electronic structure of Sr1-Gd TiO3 probed by X-ray absorption spectroscopy

  title={Local and electronic structure of Sr1-Gd TiO3 probed by X-ray absorption spectroscopy},
  author={Alexandre Mesquita and Elio Thizay Magnavita Oliveira and Hugo Bonette de Carvalho},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
Gadolinium-doped strontium titanate is a typical perovskite structure material which has been studied due their thermomechanical, termoelectrical and electrochemical properties. In this study, local and electronic structure of Sr1-xGdxTiO3 samples were analyzed through X-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements. The results obtained with the adjustment of extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) spectra at Sr K-edge show that crystallographic model of Pm-3m space group is consistent… 

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