Local adjuvants in surgical management of bone metastases.

  title={Local adjuvants in surgical management of bone metastases.},
  author={Andrea Piccioli and Alessandro Ventura and Giulio Maccauro and Maria Silvia Spinelli and Valentina Del Bravo and Michele Attilio A Rosa},
  journal={International journal of immunopathology and pharmacology},
  volume={24 1 Suppl 2},
Curettage is one of the most common method for surgical treatment of bone metastasis. Local adjuvant improve most commonly used for improving the effect of curettage in local cancer surgery may exerted their effects either chemically either physically; in Orthopedic Oncology the most common are phenol, liquid nitrogen, laser, and cement. This article reviewed the main characteristics of the most common chemical and physical agents used in bone oncology, emphasizing the toxic effects of some of… CONTINUE READING