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Local Quantum Reality

  title={Local Quantum Reality},
  author={Vlatko Vedral},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
  • V. Vedral
  • Published 30 October 2020
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Quantum Physics
Unperformed measurements have no results. Unobserved results can affect future measurements. 

The Quantum Double Slit Experiment With Local Elements of Reality

We present a fully local treatment of the double slit experiment in the formalism of quantum field theory. Our exposition is predominantly pedagogical in nature and exemplifies the fact that there is

Are There Any Real Problems With Quantum Gravity?

We present a short, general and accessible introduction to quantizing gravity in the Heisenberg picture. We then apply this formalism to the scenario where two spatially superposed masses interact

Histories Without Collapse

  • A. Sudbery
  • Physics
    International Journal of Theoretical Physics
  • 2022
A simple model based on Wigner's friend is examined, in which Bell's model and the projection postulate give different probabilities for the histories of a sentient system, and it is shown that the Born rule gives the same result as applying projection in the course of the history, because of entanglement with the memory.

Histories Without Collapse

  • A. Sudbery
  • Physics
    International Journal of Theoretical Physics
  • 2022
This paper is a comparison of two theories of the probability of a history in quantum mechanics. One is derived from Copenhagen quantum mechanics using the projection postulate and is the basis of



Understanding the Frauchiger–Renner Argument

  • J. Bub
  • Philosophy
    Foundations of Physics
  • 2021
In 2018, Daniela Frauchiger and Renato Renner published an article in Nature Communications entitled ‘Quantum theory cannot consistently describe the use of itself.’ The argument has been attacked as

Quantum Mechanics and Experience

After a summary of Bohr's views and their relation to Kant's theory of science, two fruitless lines of attack on the measurement problem are discussed: the way of the psi-ontologist and the way of

Comment on "Understanding the Frauchiger-Renner argument" by Jeffrey Bub

Bub has recently claimed that the Frauchiger-Renner argument does not require an assumption that the state vector undergoes projection after measurement. It is shown that this claim is not true, and

Remarks on the Mind-Body Question

F. Dyson, in a very thoughtful article,1 points to the everbroadening scope of scientific inquiry. Whether or not the relation of mind to body will enter the realm of scientific inquiry in the near

On the Hypothesis that Animals are Automata, and its History

AT this period of the meeting of the British Association I am quite sure it is hardly necessary for me to call to your minds the nature of the business which takes place at our sectional meetings. We

Three experimental implications of the Everett interpretation

  • Quantum Concepts of Space and Time
  • 1986

Three experimental implications of the Everett interpretation” in R

  • Penrose and C.J. Isham (eds.), Quantum Concepts of Space and Time, Oxford: The Clarendon Press, pp. 204–214
  • 1986

Albert “Quantum mechanics and experience

  • 1992


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