Local Government in the United Kingdom

  title={Local Government in the United Kingdom},
  author={David Wilson and Chris Game},
PART 1: LOCAL GOVERNMENT: THE BASICS - Introduction - Our Aims and Approach - Themes and Issues in Local Government - Why Elected Local Government? - The Development of Local Government - Current Structures - Changing Functions: From Government to Governance - Central-Local Government Relations - The National Local Government System - Finance - The Nuts and Bolts - Finance - The Recent Story - PART 2: THE POLITICS AND PEOPLE OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Local Elections - Councillors - The Voice of… 
New Labour and Local Governance in Britain
The argument of this chapter is that the Labour Government elected in 1997 in Britain has developed a distinctive approach to the reform of local government. It has a vision of local governance that
A Theoretical Framework of Local Government
The local government institutions have allowed effective participation and involvement of local people in their affairs. There is greater chance of achieving economic growth if institutions provide
The struggle to reform local government: 1970–95
Although a comprehensive comparison of local government in 1970 with local government in 1995 is beyond the scope of this article, it is possible to provide a brief review of the changes along four
(Can) Modern Local Government (be) In Touch with the People?
The recent White Paper, 'Modern Local Government: In Touch with the People' summarised Labour's project to modernise local government and to renew local democracy. Through the mediating concepts of
Local Government under Siege
The establishment of the Commission for Local Democracy (CLD) in November 1993 reflected widespread concern not only about elected local government but about all forms of democratic activity at
Who leads?: Councillor‐officer relations in local government overview and scrutiny committees in England and Wales
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the implications of recent local government reform for political leadership in local authorities. In particular, it investigates the role
The politics of managerial reform in UK local government: a study of control, conflict and resistance 1880s to present
The article examines the political origins and impact of recent managerial reform (the shift from the professional bureaucracy model of public administration to the new public management [NPM]) in UK
New Labour and Inter-Governmental Management
The promise of a reinvigorated local government that many believed was imminent following the UK election of New Labour in 1997 was not immediately realized. Central government has made clear that
The management of local government modernisation: Area decentralisation and pragmatic localism
Purpose – Seeks to analyse the complexity of current practices surrounding the management and governance of urban regeneration activities in the UK. In particular, aims to focus on the potential of