Local Government Schools in Sung China: A Reassessment

  title={Local Government Schools in Sung China: A Reassessment},
  author={Yuan Zheng},
  journal={History of Education Quarterly},
  pages={193 - 213}
  • Yuan Zheng
  • Published 22 January 1994
  • History
  • History of Education Quarterly
Inscriptions on excavated oracle bones and tortoise shells confirm that formal education existed in China as early as the Shang dynasty (roughly 1480–1066 B.C.). Historical data show that Emperor P'ing-ti of the Han dynasty established a countrywide government school system in 3 A.D., consisting of a central school in the capital and local schools in prefectures and counties. Over the next nineteen centuries, the school system developed gradually, sometimes damaged by war but soon restored… 

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