Local Discriminant Wavelet Packet Basis for Voice Pathology Classification

  title={Local Discriminant Wavelet Packet Basis for Voice Pathology Classification},
  author={P. Hosseini and Farshad Almasganj and Tahereh Emami and R. Behroozmand and S. Gharibzade and Farhad Torabinezhad},
  journal={2008 2nd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering},
Diagnosis of pathological voice is one of the most important issues in biomedical applications of speech technology. There are some approaches for separating pathological from normal voice signals but a few ones are sophisticated to separate two or more kinds of speech pathologies from each other. This paper introduces an algorithm to discriminate voice pathologies signals from each other via adaptive growth of wavelet packet tree, based on the criterion of local discriminant bases (LDB… CONTINUE READING
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