Local, Efflux-Dependent Auxin Gradients as a Common Module for Plant Organ Formation

  title={Local, Efflux-Dependent Auxin Gradients as a Common Module for Plant Organ Formation},
  author={E. Benkov{\'a} and M. Michniewicz and M. Sauer and T. Teichmann and D. Seifertov{\'a} and G. J{\"u}rgens and J. Friml},
  • E. Benková, M. Michniewicz, +4 authors J. Friml
  • Published 2003
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell
  • Plants, compared to animals, exhibit an amazing adaptability and plasticity in their development. This is largely dependent on the ability of plants to form new organs, such as lateral roots, leaves, and flowers during postembryonic development. Organ primordia develop from founder cell populations into organs by coordinated cell division and differentiation. Here, we show that organ formation in Arabidopsis involves dynamic gradients of the signaling molecule auxin with maxima at the primordia… CONTINUE READING
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