Lobectomy in follicular thyroid neoplasms' treatment.

  title={Lobectomy in follicular thyroid neoplasms' treatment.},
  author={Cristiano M Antunes and Ant{\'o}nio Taveira-Gomes},
  journal={International journal of surgery},
  volume={11 9},
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study is to evaluate the suitability of lobectomy with isthmectomy (LwI) in treatment of Follicular Thyroid Neoplasms (FTN), considering malignancy incidence and postoperative complications. METHODS 192 patients (165 females; 27 males) who underwent LwI for FTN from 01/2005 to 12/2007 were retrospectively evaluated: clinical and pathological features, surgical complications and five year outcome. Inclusion criteria were cytological Bethesda category III and IV… CONTINUE READING