Lobar holoprosencephaly in a Miniature Schnauzer with hypodipsic hypernatremia.

  title={Lobar holoprosencephaly in a Miniature Schnauzer with hypodipsic hypernatremia.},
  author={Stacey A Sullivan and Barry G. Harmon and P Thomas Purinton and Craig E. Greene and Leigh E Glerum},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={223 12},
  pages={1783-7, 1778}
A 9-month-old male Miniature Schnauzer was examined because of a lifelong history of behavioral abnormalities, including hypodipsia. Diagnostic evaluation revealed marked hypernatremia and a single forebrain ventricle. The behavioral abnormalities did not resolve with correction of the hypernatremia, and the dog was euthanatized. At necropsy, midline forebrain structures were absent or reduced in size, and normally paired forebrain structures were incompletely separated. Findings were… CONTINUE READING


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