Loading PEG-Catalase into Filamentous and Spherical Polymer Nanocarriers

  title={Loading PEG-Catalase into Filamentous and Spherical Polymer Nanocarriers},
  author={Eric A. Simone and Thomas D Dziubla and Evguenia Arguiri and Vanessa Vardon and Vladimir V. Shuvaev and Melpo Christofidou-Solomidou and Vladimir R Muzykantov},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Research},
Based on a unique phase alignment that occurs during formulation, we postulated that PEG-ylation of the cargo enzyme would enhance its encapsulation within diblock copolymer nanocarriers and thus resistance to proteases. A freeze–thaw modified double emulsion technique was utilized to encapsulate either the catalytically active enzyme catalase (MW ∼250 kDa) or PEG-catalase in PEG–PLA polymer nanocarriers (PNC). Spectrophotometer measurement of substrate depletion was utilized to monitor enzyme… CONTINUE READING


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