Lizard erythrocytic virus in east African chameleons.

  title={Lizard erythrocytic virus in east African chameleons.},
  author={Sam R Telford and Elliott R. Jacobson},
  journal={Journal of wildlife diseases},
  volume={29 1},
Giemsa-stained peripheral blood films from 9 of 50 flap-necked chameleons, Chamaeleo dilepis, and 1 of 18 Fischer's chameleons, Bradypodion fischeri, collected in Tanzania had intraerythrocytic inclusions. In C. dilepis, acidophilic inclusions were associated with the albuminoid vacuoles reported in typical pirhemocytonosis of saurians. Under transmission electron microscopy, the acidophilic inclusions were aggregations of partially or completely formed viral particles consistent with those of… CONTINUE READING
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