Living skin equivalents constructed using human amnions as a matrix.

  title={Living skin equivalents constructed using human amnions as a matrix.},
  author={Lujun Yang and Yuji Shirakata and Sho Tokumaru and Dai Xiuju and Mikiko Tohyama and Yasushi Hanakawa and Satoshi Hirakawa and Koji Sayama and Koji Hashimoto},
  journal={Journal of dermatological science},
  volume={56 3},
BACKGROUND Living skin equivalents (LSEs) are being used to treat burn wounds, skin defects, and chronic wounds, and today, several biomaterials are applied as dermal matrices in LSEs. The amnionic membrane (AM) is known to have useful properties as a dermal matrix and can be used to construct a LSE. OBJECTIVE To develop a new LSE with human AM as the matrix. METHODS Human AM was de-epithelialized and investigated to determine whether it supported keratinocyte adherence and proliferation… CONTINUE READING
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