Living on a surface: swarming and biofilm formation.

  title={Living on a surface: swarming and biofilm formation.},
  author={Natalie Verstraeten and Kristien Braeken and Bachaspatimayum Debkumari and Maarten Fauvart and Jan Fransaer and Jan Vermant and Jan Michiels},
  journal={Trends in microbiology},
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Swarming is the fastest known bacterial mode of surface translocation and enables the rapid colonization of a nutrient-rich environment and host tissues. This complex multicellular behavior requires the integration of chemical and physical signals, which leads to the physiological and morphological differentiation of the bacteria into swarmer cells. Here, we provide a review of recent advances in the study of the regulatory pathways that lead to swarming behavior of different model bacteria. It… CONTINUE READING