Living for the City: Migration, Education, and the Rise of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, California

  title={Living for the City: Migration, Education, and the Rise of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, California},
  author={Briefly Noted},
  journal={Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews},
  pages={134 - 135}
  • Briefly Noted
  • Published 1 January 2013
  • Sociology
  • Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews
Issues surrounding migration, both legal and illegal, have fascinated social scientists for decades. Unfortunately, widespread focus on migration in academia has not been accompanied by innovative perspectives. Indeed, research on migration tends to be dominated by economic models and group perspectives such as the classic ‘‘cost-benefit analysis’’ and ‘‘social network theories.’’ For Ali Nobil Ahmad, the quantitative, group-focused, and rational choice models employed by researchers of… 

Decolonizing Being, Knowledge, and Power: Youth Activism in California at the Turn of the 21st Century

Author(s): Banales, Samuel | Advisor(s): Briggs, Charles L | Abstract: By focusing on the politics of age and (de)colonization, this dissertation underscores how the oppression of young people of

Using the Feminist Science Shop Model for Social Justice: A Case Study in Challenging the Nexus of Racist Policing and Medical Neglect

Feminist theory has long taken a critical perspective on the politics and practices of scientific research and the production of scientific knowledge. Such critiques have informed the development of

Thomas G. Young, Black Pragmatism, and the Routes of Social Democracy in New York City

Abstract:This article traces the activist career of Thomas G. Young. A Caribbean migrant, elevator operator, and socialist militant, he co-founded Local 32B and organized thousands of building

A Matter of Perspective: Local Approaches to Studying Civil Rights Activism and Liberal Policymaking in the Urban North

On Sunday, March 7, 1965, in Selma, Alabama, 600 supporters of African American voting rights marched, two abreast, across the steeply arched Edmund Pettus Bridge. Awaiting them at the bridge’s

In the crevices of global capitalism: rural queer community formation

OF THE DISSERTATION In the Crevices of Global Capitalism: Rural Queer Community Formation By STINA SODERLING Dissertation Director: Ethel Brooks “In the Crevices of Global Capitalism: Rural Queer

Withdrawing and Drawing In: Political Discourse in Policed Communities

Abstract A growing body of literature examines how direct or vicarious contact with forms of state surveillance affects political behavior and perceptions of government legitimacy. We develop a new

City as borderland: Gentrification and the policing of Black and Latinx geographies in Oakland

  • M. Ramírez
  • History
    Environment and Planning D: Society and Space
  • 2019
From the foreclosure crisis of 2008, to the tech boom-provoked housing crisis currently engulfing the San Francisco Bay Area, low-income residents of Oakland, California have been displaced from

Women in the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are the names that come to mind for most Americans if asked about the civil rights or Black Power movements. Others may point to Presidents John F. Kennedy and

‘Gentrification’ as a grid of meaning

The openness of the concept of gentrification—its practical flexibility as a sign—makes it useful, and thus prominent, in everyday conversations about the socio-spatial changes affecting Oakland, CA

“Say What you Really Believe”1: Freedom Schools, Youth Empowerment, and Black Power in 1960s Milwaukee

  • Katerina Suchor
  • History, Education
    Teachers College Record: The Voice of Scholarship in Education
  • 2020
Background The historical literature on the civil rights movement has tended to underemphasize the movement's educational activities, while literature on the civil rights and Black Power movements


Thorstein Veblen: Theorist of the Leisure Class

Preface: Social Theory and the Anthropological ImperativeIntroduction to the Paperback EditionList of AbbreviationsPt. 1The Milieu and the Man1Ch. 1Veblen's America3Ch. 2Enter Veblen: "Disturber of