Living for a ‘Cause’ Radical Autobiographical Writing in Russia at the Beginning of the 20 th Century

  title={Living for a ‘Cause’ Radical Autobiographical Writing in Russia at the Beginning of the 20 th Century},
  author={Stephan Rindlisbacher},
The ambiguous term delo (thing, matter, act or cause) was fundamental for the th Russian radical autobiographical writers at the beginning of the 20 century. The dedication to a cause was the ‘leading star’ to frame one’s own biography, as it proved one’s reputation within the radical milieu. Therefore, it was important not only to choose which parts of one’s radical past needed to be emphasised, but also which deeds were better to silence, omit or vindicate. While radical writers often framed… 


The Making of a Revolutionary Icon: Vera Nikolaevna Figner and the People’s Will in the Wake of the Assassination of Tsar Aleksandr II
A few minutes after two o'clock in the afternoon on 1 March 1881 (O.S.), the carriage of Tsar Aleksandr II traveled briskly along the Ekaterinskii canal in St. Petersburg. As the Imperial procession
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