Living electrodes: Tissue engineering the neural interface

  title={Living electrodes: Tissue engineering the neural interface},
  author={Rylie A. Green and Khoon S. Lim and William C. Henderson and Rachelle T. Hassarati and Penny J. Martens and Nigel H. Lovell and Laura A. Poole-Warren},
  journal={2013 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)},
Soft, cell integrated electrode coatings are proposed to address the problem of scar tissue encapsulation of stimulating neuroprosthetics. The aim of these studies was to prove the concept and feasibility of integrating a cell loaded hydrogel with existing electrode coating technologies. Layered conductive hydrogel constructs are embedded with neural cells and shown to both support cell growth and maintain electro activity. The safe charge injection limit of these electrodes was 8 times higher… CONTINUE READING