Living donor nephrectomy: flank incision versus anterior vertical mini-incision.

  title={Living donor nephrectomy: flank incision versus anterior vertical mini-incision.},
  author={Michael Neipp and Steffan Jackobs and Thomas Becker and Andreas Meyer zu Vilsendorf and Markus R. Winny and Rainer Lueck and J{\"u}rgen Klempnauer and Bjorn A P Nashan},
  volume={78 9},
BACKGROUND Currently, many centers perform laparoscopic donor nephrectomy (DN). We studied the outcome of donors and recipients following open DN using either flank incision (ODN) or mini-incision (MIDN). METHODS Data of 196 living kidney donors were recorded prospectively. In 127 cases ODN and 69 cases MIDN were performed. RESULTS Demographic details of donors were comparable for both groups. The left kidney was procured in 58% for ODN and in 64% for MIDN. Multiple arteries were more… CONTINUE READING

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