Living, Doing, and Learning from Politics in a Youth Wing of a Political Party

  title={Living, Doing, and Learning from Politics in a Youth Wing of a Political Party},
  author={Carla Malafaia and Isabel Menezes and Tiago Neves},
The field of civic and political participation has been studied mostly from individual, psychological approaches rather than collective, relational perspectives. Here we address this gap through a political ethnography in the youth wing of a major Portuguese political party, conducted during the fervent months right before and after the Portuguese parliamentary elections of October 2015. Investigating the meaningmaking of doing politics in real-life contexts, we assess the collective learning… CONTINUE READING

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Her research has dealt with conflict mediation, youth civic and political participation and citizenship education

  • She is the co-author of two books and has published in journals such as Current Sociology, Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Social Sciences Education and the International Journal of E-Politics. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to:
  • 2020