Liver transplantation: fifty years of experience.

  title={Liver transplantation: fifty years of experience.},
  author={Alice Tung Wan Song and Vivian I Avelino-Silva and Rafael Ant{\^o}nio de Arruda P{\'e}cora and Vincenzo Pugliese and Luiz D'Albuquerque and Edson Abdala},
  journal={World journal of gastroenterology},
  volume={20 18},
Since 1963, when the first human liver transplantation (LT) was performed by Thomas Starzl, the world has witnessed 50 years of development in surgical techniques, immunosuppression, organ allocation, donor selection, and the indications and contraindications for LT. This has led to the mainstream, well-established procedure that has saved innumerable lives worldwide. Today, there are hundreds of liver transplant centres in over 80 countries. This review aims to describe the main aspects of LT… CONTINUE READING

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