Liver resection for metastatic non-colorectal non-neuroendocrine hepatic neoplasms.


AIMS Major liver surgery can be performed safely and hepatic resection for metastatic disease is increasingly carried out. However, the role of liver resection for hepatic metastases from non-colorectal, non-neuroendocrine (NCNN) cancers is unknown. Our aim was to evaluate our experience from hepatectomies for NCNN metastases. A retrospective study of 170 patients with liver resection performed the last 8 years was performed in two liver units in affiliated university hospitals. METHODS Eighteen patients underwent liver resection for NCNN tumours. Origins included kidney (n=6), breast (n=4), gastric tumours (n=4), intestinal leiomyosarcoma (n=2) and malignant melanoma and in one patient a metastatic papillary of unknown origin was found. Eleven patients underwent a hepatic lobectomy and seven had local resections. Ten hepatectomies were performed at the same time with the primary tumour resection (synchronous resections) with five of those in an en bloc fashion with the primary tumour. RESULTS There were no post-operative deaths and the peri-operative morbidity was minimal. During a median follow-up time of 3.2 years, 14 patients are alive with one of them having developed pulmonary metastases. CONCLUSION In carefully selected patients with NCNN liver metastasis, liver resection can prolong survival as well and improve quality of life.


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