Liver neoplasms : imaging characterization * Neoplasias hepáticas : caracterização por métodos de imagem

  title={Liver neoplasms : imaging characterization * Neoplasias hep{\'a}ticas : caracterizaç{\~a}o por m{\'e}todos de imagem},
  author={Dario Ariel Tiferes and Giuseppe D’Ippolito},
Received June 8, 2007. Accepted after revision August 28, 2007. ranging between 0.4% and 20% in autopsy studies, and representing a very frequent incidental finding on imaging studies, particularly US. In most cases, hemangiomas are small (≤ 3.0 cm), and may be multiple in up to 50% of patients. Microscopically, hemangiomas consist of vascular spaces irregular in size, lined by a single layer of endothelial cells and separated by fibrous septa. The finding of a hyperechogenic, homogeneous and… CONTINUE READING