Liver disease, coagulation testing, and hemostasis.


This article reviews the variety of coagulation testing abnormalities identified and the evidence demonstrating their lack of correlation with hemostasis and inability to predict bleeding for patients with liver disease. The article discusses the historical and incorrect evolution of the commonly used "1.5x" prothrombin time/international normalized ratio "threshold" for fresh frozen plasma/frozen plasma (FFP/FP) administration. Finally, this article reviews why FFP/FP cannot correct minimally prolonged clotting times in patients with liver disease, nor provide adequate prophylaxis against bleeding from percutaneous liver biopsy.

DOI: 10.1016/j.cll.2009.05.001

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@article{Ng2009LiverDC, title={Liver disease, coagulation testing, and hemostasis.}, author={Valerie L. Ng}, journal={Clinics in laboratory medicine}, year={2009}, volume={29 2}, pages={265-82} }