Liver–skin axis: a new view or viewed already?

  title={Liver–skin axis: a new view or viewed already?},
  author={Valerio Nobili},
  journal={British Journal of Dermatology},
  • V. Nobili
  • Published 1 July 2018
  • Medicine
  • British Journal of Dermatology
In October 1987, I. Sarkany published the article ‘The skin– liver connection’ in the journal Clinical and Experimental Dermatology. The scientist pointed out: ‘everything has been thought of before, but the difficulty is to think of it once more’. That said, it seems that much of the recent scientific discovery in the area of the liver–skin axis, in the broadest sense, has been thought of before. The difference, of course, is the degree of scientific sophistication nowadays with which we can… 
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Targeting Eczema Treatment by Clearing the Liver Heat and Detoxification: a Clinical Case Report

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The Skin—Liver Connection

  • I. Sarkany
  • Medicine
    Clinical and experimental dermatology
  • 1988